The World Series And Barry Bonds
Posted by Jon Littman on October 27, 2010 in Performance, Storytelling

TIMING COUNTS when it comes to a story or a trial. The San Francisco Giants are playing in the World Series and millions of fans in the Bay Area are going nuts over baseball and the team, wearing orange and black and stopping everything to see them play. This is bad news for the BALCO prosecutors who delayed Barry Bonds’ trial. They had a chance to try him for perjury nearly two years ago, but got cold feet. Bonds’ trial is set for this March, and whether the Giants win or lose in the Series, good feelings about current and former Giants will likely be a factor at his trial. During the Giants’ recent playoff run, Bonds was invited onto the field and fans loudly cheered his name. The jury will be selected from the same men and women who have been enthralled by the Giants. Some jurors may wonder why the government is trying one of San Francisco’s most legendary athletes. They may wonder why nearly a decade later any of this matters. Trials unfold in the larger context of a place and a time, and this World Series may be a gift from the baseball gods to Barry Bonds.

Here’s my latest on what some of the lessons of the Bonds’ trial might be for the next athlete to face a federal investigation: Lance Armstrong.