Selling Apple Short
Posted by Jon Littman on May 22, 2012 in Innovation, Performance, Stories, Storytelling

Apple has succeeded by ruthlessly mapping out and designing genuinely new products and services for individuals. Meanwhile the imperial minded enterprises that ignored design and customers and slavishly catered to corporate mediocrity — Think Rim and Nokia — are fighting for their survival. Here’s the story of the high stakes narrative game in the HuffPost.

Apple’s Goliath Effect
Posted by Jon Littman on in Articles, Innovation, Stories, Storytelling

The Goliath Effect explains the drastic shift in media, financial and public perceptions of Apple the past few weeks. This is about the power of story to move markets. Most of all this is a story about how the facts don’t matter when you’re targeting Goliath. Here’s the story in the Huffpost.

Last Boat To London: Olympic quest
Posted by Jon Littman on in Articles, Performance, Storytelling

Orinda, Calif. — Coach Mike Teti stands up on his launch and tells the rowers in the sleek shell what lies ahead. “There’s a headwind. Then it flattens out, and then there’s a headwind at the end.” He pauses and fixes hard on the coxswain: “Make sure your calls are accurate.”  Here’s the story in […]

Sundance Beats American Negativity
Posted by Jon Littman on February 1, 2012 in Articles, Innovation, Performance, Stories, Storytelling

Last week I was flown to the Sundance Film Festival to offer my thoughts on a documentary and discovered anew what I love about America. Robert Redford starred during my childhood in the classic American flick, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and went on to found the wonderful Sundance Film Festival. Sundance, like its rebellious, […]

In Search of Greatness
Posted by Jon Littman on June 22, 2011 in Innovation, Performance, Stories, Storytelling

Where does greatness come from? How can an individual rise above today’s fads and overwhelming distractions to find a sustaining vision and passion for life? What role can communities, mentors or institutions play in our youths’ search for meaning? A week ago, I travelled to Oak Ridge, Tennessee to watch my daughter and 26 other […]

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