Sony’s Slow-Mo Story
Posted by Jon Littman on May 6, 2011 in Articles, Innovation, Storytelling

Sony has been in slow motion the past two weeks, stumbling on how to tell the story of a recent catastrophic intrusion into its on-line gaming network. Indecision doesn’t win in action games, and it’s been devastating to Sony’s reputation. The company has produced a textbook case study on how not to respond to a crisis.┬áSony first learned its gaming networks had been hacked on April 19. But instead of making a straightforward, honest announcement, it waited a day and then issued the non-statement, “We’re aware certain functions of PlayStation are down. We will report back here as soon as we can with more information.” It’s a tale that demonstrates how important straightforward storytelling is in a crisis. Here’s my story in the Huffington Post.