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  • Crashing Augusta
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  • We Shall Not Fail
  • I Hate People
Mastering Augusta
Posted by Jon Littman on January 19, 2011 in Articles, Innovation, Publishing, Storytelling, Uncategorized

Metro Spirit, Augusta’s Independent Voice called me last week and Editor Stacey Eidson put together a nice article on my new book of sports stories, Crashing Augusta. AUGUSTA, GA -When Jonathan Littman, a best-selling author and a contributing editor at Playboy, headed to Augusta to attend the Masters a few years ago, he wanted to […]

Crashing Augusta: Real Life Tales of Sports, Men and Murder
Posted by Jon Littman on December 14, 2010 in Innovation, Publishing, Storytelling, Uncategorized

TAKE A WILD JOURNEY  beyond the ropes of professional sports. Walk the undulating hills of Augusta National, home of the Masters and learn why it may be the planet’s greatest golf tournament. Hurl yourself into a Super Bowl week with ticket hustlers who risk life and limb to make or lose a fortune gambling on […]

Lance Armstrong Ambush
Posted by Jon Littman on November 6, 2010 in Performance, Storytelling

THE BEST THING ABOUT THE WEB is the absence of a filter. Yesterday I caught wind of an amazing story:  Strong arms tactics  by federal agents in the Lance Armstrong case. I worked the phones and got two sources to nail down a story that sounded like something out of a Starsky and Hutch episode. […]

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In the News

Amazon Review: Crashing Augusta

5.0 out of 5 stars sports writing at its best, December 15, 2010

By Harvey L. Myman (California) –

This review is from: Crashing Augusta: Real life tales of sports, men, and murder (Paperback)

“If you wondered whether smart, literate sports writing still exists, look no further than this powerful book from Jonathan Littman. And while his prose alone is worth the price of admission, the true strength in the book is found in Littman’s reporting. He takes the reader inside of the greatest institutions and events in sports, from the Super Bowl to the Masters, revealing often dark corners that will never be explored by the ESPN hype machine or the beat reporters who are beholden to the teams and the leagues. He also explores the worlds of steroids and the amazing subculture of the world’s fastest runners. This is, quite simply, a remarkable book that should be required reading in graduate journalism classes.”

— Harvey Myman, president of Rocket Science Productions and former Assistant Managing Editor at the Orange County Register.

Innovation Interview

Posted by Jon Littman on September 20, 2010 in Innovation, Performance, Storytelling, Uncategorized

“WE’VE ALL SEEN HOW A FEW MASTERFUL CEOs seem to single-handedly orchestrate company-wide innovation,

among them Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Tony Hsieh…

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Fast Company: The 10 Faces of Innovation

By: Tom Kelley with Jonathan Littman

In an exclusive book excerpt from the general manager of Ideo, we meet the personality types it takes to keep creativity thriving–and the devil’s advocate at bay.