Mastering Augusta
Posted by Jon Littman on January 19, 2011 in Articles, Innovation, Publishing, Storytelling, Uncategorized

Metro Spirit, Augusta’s Independent Voice called me last week and Editor Stacey Eidson put together a nice article on my new book of sports stories, Crashing Augusta.

AUGUSTA, GA -When Jonathan Littman, a best-selling author and a contributing editor at Playboy, headed to Augusta to attend the Masters a few years ago, he wanted to achieve the impossible: experience the world’s most prestigious golf tournament for less than $100 a day.

“For a long time I’ve been an author, but for the last several years I’ve also been a contributing editor for Playboy,” Littman says from his California home. “And I’ve been able to do some really fun and wild stories with Playboy, so I dreamed up this idea of doing the non-CBS approved story of the Masters.

“I wanted to show people how to have a great time at the tournament, give them sort of a sense of the aura of the place and tell them how to do it on $99 a day.”

In his new book, “Crashing Augusta,” Littman showcases his tale about the Masters tournament in a collection of stories that take readers “beyond the ropes of professional sports,” he says.

Here’s the full story with great photos of the Masters.