Lance Armstrong, the FDA’s Most Wanted
Posted by Jon Littman on July 14, 2010 in Articles, Performance, Storytelling

The speed at which you can get a story out and make connections on the web continues to astound me. Monday, I wrote a piece about how the Lance Armstrong doping investigation is becoming BALCO The Sequel. Sent the story to Huffington Post, and a couple of hours later it went live. Saw that it registered a few page views, and then went sculling for two hours, (a fancy way of saying I rowed a boat) and by the time I returned it had multiplied to 250 views, then 500 by morning. Even better some very plugged in people had read the article and provided new pieces of the puzzle and sources.

When I wrote for Yahoo Sports, I had stories read by half a million or more people, but there were seldom any connections. They were just readers.

Here’s the latest installment on Lance. The New York Times has recently been filled with damning stories about criminal activity by pharmaceutical companies, yet the FDA is hunting down a soon to be retired cyclist, just as it hunted down a retired slugger. Sound familiar? Here’s the story in the Huffington Post,