Kirkus Reviews: Muscular reportage from the Pages of Playboy
Posted by Jon Littman on February 4, 2011 in Innovation, Publishing, Storytelling, Uncategorized

The Editors at Kirkus Reviews enjoyed Crashing Augusta!

“Author and Playboy contributing editor Littman’s five feature-length articles demonstrate the power of shoe-leather reporting as a means of riveting readers…

In one story, Littman gains entrance to one of the world’s most prestigious golf tournaments, the Masters—and does so by hobnobbing with Georgia gentry on $100 a day. In another story, Littman enters the edgy world of Super Bowl ticket scalpers. Both insider stories are rich in detail, with the golf piece reveling in Littman’s dreamy love of the tournament’s inherent beauty and his disdain for its cultivated exclusiveness. Jacksonville’s Super Bowl XXXIX, conversely, is the site of rough-and-ready underground commerce, where characters hustle tickets with the up-against-it verve of players from early Quentin Tarantino films…”

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