The Framework

New media shifts responsibility for successfully getting out your message to companies, entrepreneurs and executives.

Innovative, design-based strategies for narrative and story are essential, and there is no replacement for genuine experience. Among his eight books, Jonathan co-authored The Art of Innovation and Ten Faces of Innovation with Tom Kelley. Six years immersed in the culture of IDEO, the legendary innovation firm.

The Art of Innovation

“On nearly every page, the story of some upstart invention is recounted in patter that’s as good as a skilled magician’s… Almost like visiting an IDEO workshop in person.” – Wired

The Ten Faces of Innovation

“Essential reading for every single person in your organization – even the CEO should read it! Each page contains a nugget that’s worth the price of the entire book” – Seth Godin, author of Linchpin.

Half a million copies sold worldwide. Sixteen foreign editions. Over 200,000 copies in U.S. hard back sales. Taught at business schools worldwide.