Innovation Interview
Posted by Jon Littman on September 20, 2010 in Innovation, Performance, Storytelling, Uncategorized

“WE’VE ALL SEEN HOW A FEW MASTERFUL CEOs seem to single-handedly orchestrate company-wide innovation – among them Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Tony Hsieh. But the reality is that they are the exceptions. All too often, CEOs and upper management become obstacles to the overall innovation effort. Innovation is about creating pockets within an organization where it’s safe to challenge the status quo, and prototype new business models…”

That’s the start of an in-depth interview by Bryan Mahoney of Imaginatik, The Collective Intelligence Company. Imaginatik is a successful innovation firm with brand name clients like Pfizer, Xerox and Dow Chemical. Bryan had some great questions for me on the role of management in building a culture of innovation, creating collaborative environments, social media and whether new technologies will kill brainstorming as we know it. Here’s the interview: