Crashing Augusta: Real Life Tales of Sports, Men and Murder
Posted by Jon Littman on December 14, 2010 in Innovation, Publishing, Storytelling, Uncategorized

TAKE A WILD JOURNEY  beyond the ropes of professional sports. Walk the undulating hills of Augusta National, home of the Masters and learn why it may be the planet’s greatest golf tournament. Hurl yourself into a Super Bowl week with ticket hustlers who risk life and limb to make or lose a fortune gambling on the big ticket. Explore our national obsession with steroids, and run with the World’s Fastest Man. Rites of manhood are anything but a game, as you’ll discover in a deadly tale of an initiation gone mad.

Crashing Augusta is an entertaining collection of five original Playboy stories by bestselling author and nationally known journalist Jonathan Littman. There’s something for every sports fan, with tales of golf, football, baseball, and track and field. Tiger Woods, the sprinter Michael Johnson, and Barry Bonds are just a few of the athletes featured in these pages. Two of the five stories are award winning: Mr. Littman is a 2010 winner of the Chicago Headline club’s Peter Lisagor Award for Exemplary journalism and a 2009 winner of the New York Press Club for best sports writing.

This lively book is unusual in how broadly it covers American professional sports from fresh perspectives.  The stories are both topical and written in the long narrative style made legendary by Playboy. Mr. Littman traveled widely on assignment to report and write these true life tales: to Augusta Georgia, home of the Masters tournament, North Carolina, Jacksonville Florida, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Waco Texas. In the tradition of the late George Plimpton and Hunter Thompson the author dove in headfirst. Mr. Littman ran with the fastest men and women in the world, and spent a week with ticket hustlers at the Super Bowl, carrying a bag with a quarter million in cash and tickets.

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